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Web & Graphic

Self-taught graphic designer with 8 years of experience, I create compelling designs that help clients boost their business on a local and international level.


What i do?

Creative website design
for your business needs

From branding to crafting
awesome visuals

Creating ready to print assets,
brochures, flyers, posters...





My name is MAHFOUD Yassine  a young freelancer from Morocco. From a young age graphic design was always my passion, pursuing studies in the field wasn’t an option at the time, so i decided to follow my dream and dedicate myself to my passion through self learning means. Digital art and creation is something i live for, after years of learning the basics i started to master my craft and began working with clients locally and on the international level.

Needless to say I’m always on a continuous learning journey, but i now have the confidence and means to lead on multidisciplinary design projects, not only I’m able to propose an adequate reflexion of what the client imagine but I’m also creating ideas and philosophies that compel my clients and help them boost their business and solidify their digital presence. 



Clients who entrusted me with their projects

"I had the pleasure of working with Yassine because I led an effort by my church to make badly needed updates and upgrades its website and had the opportunity to utilize Yassine's skills in implementing our vision. He was hands on involved in bringing up the new website and has been brought in as needed to make changes and edits that are beyond the skill set of our own church staff. We have engaged with Yassine for more than a year and have always found him to be very responsive, accommodating, and able to implement our requests without a lot of "back and forth." He has also on occasion made creative suggestions that were very helpful to the look, feel and flow of the site. We have been very fortunate to have his services."

Jonathan H.


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